215 Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults and Adventurous Couples

215 Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults and Adventurous Couples - MOX Skincare

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215 Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults and Adventurous Couples by MOX

Are you looking for outdoor summer activities for adults and adventurous couples? You’re in the right place because, at MOX, there’s one thing we do better than creating skincare with strengthening formulas and that’s making cheesy lists that people can’t get enough of. To make sure our list of outdoor activities for adults and adventurous couples also has value, we scoured recommendations from real people through websites like Reddit and Quora (beware: there’s crazy stuff on those forums). 

Check out these 215 outdoor summer activities for adults and adventurous couples:

A List of 215 Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults and Adventurous CouplesOutdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Rock Climbing, Surfing, Grilling, and Scuba Diving

1. Rock Climbing: Try a rock climbing excursion with the help of a professional guide because dying probably isn’t on your “outdoor summer activities for adults” agenda.

2. Surfing Lessons

3. Skiing or Snowboarding 

4. Take a Camping Trip

5. Or Go Backyard Camping

6. Get Grilling: If your partner has never BB’ed the Q, teach them. If you’re a George Foreman dude, watch some videos to learn the outdoors version and just go with it.

7. Ziplining 

8. Paragliding or Hang Gliding

9. Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

10. Golfing: “Get in the hole!”  

11. Sailing or Yachting

12. Bungee Jumping

13. Whitewater Rafting: This requires teamwork, making it awesome for adventurous couples and relationship-building. It’s also dangerous, so be careful out there.

14. Horseback Riding

15. Caving or Spelunking

16. Take an Outdoor Survival Course

17. Hot Air Ballooning

18. Attend an Outdoor Concert or Music Festival

19. Whale Watching: The ultimate game of "Where's Waldo?" – except Waldo weighs several tons and might not be wearing stripes.

20. Deep Sea Fishing 

21. Bushcraft Workshop

22. Zorbing

23. Participate in a Caving Adventure Tour

24. Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP): We included this in our list of outdoor summer activities for adults because its abbreviation is SUP, which we find mildly amusing.

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Horseback Riding, Hot Air Ballooning, Zorbing, and Stand-Up Paddleboarding

25. Orienteering Challenge

26. Treetop Adventure Park

27. Outdoor Beer or Wine Tasting

28. Canyon Swinging

29. Goat Yoga (it’s a thing)

30. Metal Detecting

31. Archery Session: Unleash your inner Robin Hood, Katniss, Legolas, or whatever your pop culture jam is, and shoot some arrows at targets; you know it sounds fun.

32. Barefoot Water Skiing: We’re not going to lie — we thought all water skiing took place barefoot.

33. Outdoor Beer Brewing Class

34. Go to a Pier

35. Aerial Yoga Class

36. Fly Fishing Expedition

37. Skydiving: Remember: what goes up must come down, and hopefully, your parachute agrees with that sentiment. Just kidding, they go through rigorous testing to make sure it works (we think).

38. Glacier Hiking Adventure

39. DIY Project in the Yard: Take a few tips from this Man with MOX and do some DIY.

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Canyon Swing, Archery, Beer Brewing Classes Outdoors, and Aerial Yoga Class

40. Kayak Camping Trip

41. Outdoor Wine and Paint Night

42. Outdoor Laser Tag

43. Mountain Biking: Get the adrenaline pumping with mountain biking, but don’t take your lessons from TikTok. If you do – make sure your breaks work; you’ll need them.

44. Take a Wilderness First Aid Course

45. Rope Course Challenge

46. Volunteer for a Beach Clean-Up 

47. Sunset Horseback Ride: It’s kind of like regular horseback riding, but a little colder and not as bright.

48. Outdoor Axe Throwing

49. Skeet Shooting

50. Outdoor Wine Tasting Hike

51. Bikepacking Expedition

52. Paintball Battle

53. Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga: This one is different than plain old SUP because it also includes yoga.

54. Slacklining Session

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Laser Tag Outdoors, Rope Course Challenge, Outdoor Axe Throwing, and Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga

55. Frisbee Golfing

56. Survival Race

57. Outdoor Trampoline Park

58. Picnic

59. Jump Roping 

60. Rollerblading: You can even don the infamous Barbie and Ken rollerblading outfits. No matter what you wearrollerblading strengthens your abdominal, oblique, and back muscles.

61. Outdoor Tai Chi Class

62. Disc Golfing

63. Hot Springs Soak

64. Outdoor Foraging Expedition

65. Sunbathe: You always need SPF because sun damage sucks. Luckily for you, we just dropped our MOX Invisible Armor SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen (check it out below). 

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Try the MOX Invisible Armor SPF 30 to Fight Sun Damage.

66. Ice Climbing

67. Drone Racing

68. Do a Mud Run

69. Attend an Outdoor Beer and BBQ Festival

70. Ice Skating: Yes, there are outdoor ice skating rinks in the spring and summer.

71. Outdoor Adventure Photography Workshop

72. Rock Balancing

73. Go On a Roller Coaster Ride 

74. Try Kayak PoloOutdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Jump Rope, Outdoor Tai Chi Class, Check Out an Outdoor Adventure Photography Workshop, and Rock Balancing

75. Geocaching

76. Bird Watching

77. Make a Bird Feeder (for the birds you’re watching)

78. Look at the Stars: Or those Elon Musk satellites passing through the night sky every other week that people marvel at – and usually call a UFO

79. Outdoor Skydiving Simulator

80. Scavenger Hunt

81. Outdoor Mushroom Foraging: Not those kinds of mushrooms, by the way.

82. Outdoor Ghost Tour

83. Hammocking

84. Reading

85. Check Local Activities

86. Outdoor AcroYoga Workshop: We’re at the point where we’re struggling to come up with more summer activities for adults, so acro-yoga is a thing you can do outdoors. It does look difficult to master, though.

87. Apple Picking

88. Go to the Zoo

89. Or the Amusement Park

90. Make Sand Castles

91. Kick Over Sand Castles: Because destruction that doesn’t hurt anyone or the planet is fun, right? Just make sure you watch out for those pesky crabs (the beach ones, dude).

92. Gardening

93. Preserve Your Garden’s Bounty

94. Wash Your Car

95. Cloud Watching

96. Canoeing: This one is super similar to kayaking, but it involves a canoe, instead.

97. Go Swimming

98. Attend a Drive-In Movie

99. Play BeachballOutdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Pick Apples, Kick Sand Castles, Can Vegetables, and Cloud Watch.

100. Porch Sitting: This is what Southern folks like to call people-watching from the comfort of your own porch.

101. Bike Bar Crawl

102. Dog Walking

103. Play Outdoor Beer Pong: While you’re never too old for drinking games, hangovers get worse with age. Pace yourself – and maybe put down the Fire Ball.

104. Sledding

105. Have a Campfire

106. Make Smores: Might as well use the campfire for something deliciously sticky.

107. Play Kickball

108. Play Dodgeball

109. Happy Hour With Outdoor Seating

110. Just-for-Fun House Shopping: Take tours of dream homes you can't afford, but hey, it's free to imagine yourself sipping champagne in a mansion's jacuzzi;  it's a win-win.

111. Explore a New Place

112. Play Tennis

113. Play Pickleball: Has anyone else noticed how randomly trendy pickleball has gotten?Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Bike Bar Crawl, Have a Campfire, Play Dodgeball, and Play Pickleball

114. Mow Your Yard: Or someone else's, but you should probably ask them first.

115. Go for a Drive With All the Windows Down

116. Tackle Some Other Yard Work

117. Mini-Golfing

118. Drive With No Destination in Mind

119. Handboarding

120. Buy a Slip n’ Slide: It’s not only for kids, just make sure you don’t go too hard and pull something. But if you do, check out the MOX Muscle Roller (shameless name-drop).

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Try the MOX Muscle Roller to Keep Your Muscle In Check.

121. Spend an Entire Day Outdoors

122. Attend a Sports Event

123. Go to an Outdoor Mall

124. Watch the Sunrise and Sunset in the Same Day

125. Kite Flying

126. Rent a Motorcycle

127. Play Croquet: Contrary to popular belief, croquet is not only for English aristocrats and guys named Chad.

128. Off-Roading

129. Eat Dinner Outside

130. Eat Breakfast Outside

131. Eat Lunch Outside: Does it bother you that we didn’t put these in order of how you eat them during the day? Regardless of our shenanigans, eating outside has some impressive benefits

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Mini Golfing, Slip n' Slide, Flying a Kite, and Croquet.

132. Go to a Water Park

133. Attend a Local Farmer’s Market

134. Workout Outside

135. Beach Volleyball

136. Jogging

137. Skinny-Dipping: This one is a little risqué, but we thought we’d throw it out there because skinny-dipping (even just a 15-minute quickie) can boost your immunity far more than any supplement can. 

138. Jet Skiing

139. Help Others With Outdoor Lawn Work

140. Drink a Cold Beer and Soak up the Fresh Air: It’s the simple things.

141. Go Wine-Tasting: Make sure to swish the wine around before taking a sip to look like you know your stuff. You can also throw the word “tannin into random conversation.

142. Run a New Outdoor Trail

143. Travel to a National Park

144. River Tubing: Be sure to check your tube for leaks – you don't want to end up doing an unintentional water aerobics routine (though that is still an outdoor activity). 

145. Go-Karting

146. Outdoor Segwaying

147. Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride: This spring and summer activity is a blast until your horse decides to sprint, but it’s all part of the charm.

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Beach Volleyball, Jet Skiing, Wine Tasting, and Take a Horse-Dawn Carriage Ride.

148. Outdoor Bat-Watching Tour

149. Play With Your Dogs

150. Play With Your Children

151. Eat a Snow Cone: Only the tough can conquer a brain freeze.

152. People Watch

153. Hit Up a Few Garage Sales

154. Pick Up a New Outdoors Hobby

155. Just Talk: Go have a chit- chat with someone new, or tell your partner stories you’ve never told them before; just make sure you’re outside, or “just talk” doesn’t work for our list of outdoor activities for adults (we need all that we can get – 215 is a lot).

156. Beachcombing

157. Nature Journaling

158. Attend a Wellness Retreat

159. Outdoors Kombucha Brewing Workshop: They say kombucha is good for your gut.

160. Make Tie-Dye Shirts: You can tie-dye anything, so it doesn’t have to be a shirt. If you tie-dye your underwear, let us know how it works out – we haven’t done it before.

161. Outdoor Art Installation 

162. Outdoor Sound Bath Meditation

163. Outdoor Food Tour

164. Outdoor Massage

165. Eat at a Food Truck

166. Play a Board Game Outdoors: Preferably not ones with paper money that the wind could whisk away, so try board games like chess, checkers, Backgammon, and so on. 

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Play With Your Dog, Eat a Snow Cone, Beachcomb, and Tie-Dye.

167. Take Your Dog Hiking

168. Feed Ducks

169. Animal Watching

170. Hot Tubbing

171. Pick Some Berries: Because you’re a little lad who loves berries and cream (it was ripe for the picking, we had to say it; see what we did there? Picking? Hilarious).

172. Make Homemade Popsicles

173. Watch Fireworks

174. Shoot Fireworks

175. Clean Up Fireworks: No one wants firework debris hanging around their lawn, and it sucks for the environment. Plus, you can embrace your inner pyrotechnic janitor.

176. Make Outdoors Cocktails or Mocktails

177. Set Up a Pool

178. Make Ice Cream

179. Antiquing

180. Drive a Convertible: The one time being bald is ideal – no windblown hair

181. Participate in a 5K Race

182. Check Out a Street Festival

183. Rent a Party Boat

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Feeding Ducks, Picking Berries, Shooting Fireworks, and Driving a Convertible.

184. Grown-Up Water Balloon Fight: Relive the days of your youth with a splash-filled battle royale, except you can blow up water balloons way easier these days. 

185. Outdoor Art

186. Homemade Outdoor Obstacle Course

187. See an Outdoor Play

188. Rooftop Bar

189. Early Morning Ice Bath: Or skip the annoying outdoor plunge and wake up your face with the MOX Invigorating Peppermint Cleanser. We knew a dude who accidentally brushed his teeth with it – he didn’t notice because of its minty freshness. We do not recommend you brush your teeth with it, though. (Please don’t, just cleanse twice daily).

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: The MOX Invigorating Peppermint Cleanser Is Like an Ice Bath for Your Face.

190. Visit a Greenhouse

191. Road Trip

192. Play Tourist

193. Watch the Rain 

194. Visit a Ghost Town: Did you know our co-founder, Simon Rex, was in the Scary Movie franchise? I heard he became a ghost town paranormal investigator because of it. 

195. Host a Beach Party

196. Lounge 

197. Adult Squirt Gun Fight: Squirt guns have gotten pretty advanced these days, too.

198. Join a Sports League

199. Take Any Outdoors Class: Just get out there and do something very outdoorsy – anything.

200. Host a Backyard Party

201. Lift Weights Outside

202. Visit a Park You’ve Never Been To

203. Larping

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Try a Rooftop Bar, Early Morning Ice Bath, Lounge Outdoors, and Have a Backyard Party.

204. Soccer 

205. Plant New Trees

206. Cliff Jumping

207. Sculpture Garden

208. Flower Picking: We’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here, okay?

209. Nap Outdoors

210. Diamond MiningMining your bling is cheaper than buying it, but you have to be ready to get down and dirty for the diamonds, my friend.

211. Make a Time Capsule

212. Open a Lemonade Stand: Okay, we’re joking – but homemade lemonade is the best during the warmer months of summer, so make a pitcher and enjoy a cup outdoors. 

213. Refresh the Outside of Your Home

214. Summer Dog Sledding

215. Appreciate the Outdoors: Take a page from The Outsiders and “stay gold;” look at nature like it’s the first time you’ve ever seen it, play in the warm air without thinking of your age, and most importantly – take a shower after because you’ll be gross and sweaty. Then, use the MOX Multi Nutrient Serum for some face care TLC after a long day in the great outdoors. 

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Try the MOX Multi Nutrient Serum Because It's Filled With Good Ingredients.

6 Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults With Families

What Are the Benefits of Being Outside and Taking Part in Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults?The Benefits of Participating in Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults

While fun, taking part in outdoor summer activities for adults also gives you some pretty awesome perks. Check out these science-backed benefits of being outdoors and getting active:

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults Prep: How Much Water Should You Bring?

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Factors You Should Take Into Consideration Before Packing Water for a Day Outside

If you and your partner are planning on taking advantage of these outdoor summer activities for adults, we have some advice that you probably hear pretty often (but we’re going to give it to you anyway): Stay hydrated. Most H20 experts say to drink at least 8 ounces of water every hour you’re outdoors. However, there are a few factors you can consider before packing water:

  • Weather Conditions: Hot weather boosts your sweat production and fluid loss, meaning you need to orally drink lots of water. Simon loves saying “oral,” so we thought we’d toss it in to stay on-brand. 
  • Activity Level: Are you going to be mountain biking or flower picking? These two things have very different activity levels, so consider that when packing water. 
  • Duration of Outdoor Exposure: If you plan to spend the entire day outdoors, bring enough water to last all throughout your activity. Remember that the sun’s rays are strong, so bring your MOX Invisible Armor for easy (and invisible) protection. 
  • Individual Factors: Things like your age, weight, gender, and overall health can impact how much water you need. Basically, some guys may require more water than others.

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Multiple 8 Ounces by the Number of Hours You'll Be Outdoors to Know How Much Water to Pack

Want to know exactly how much water you need? Try multiplying the hourly water intake (8 ounces) by the number of hours you’ll be outside. You can also pack H20-rich foods like cucumber and watermelon. Because knowledge is key, check out these dehydration symptoms

  • Thirst
  • Dry Mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Dark Urine

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Symptoms of Dehydration

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults Prep: What Else Should You Pack Before Spending Time Outside?

Simon Rex Curated the MOX Skincare Outdoor Set for Those Taking Part In Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults

Simon Rex Curated the MOX Skincare Outdoor Set for Those Taking Part In Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults. It Has Been Featured by FOX, CBS, and More.

To conquer these outdoor summer activities for adults, you’ll need to fill your backpack up Dora the Explorer style, which means you’ll need all the necessities (minus the weird monkey in boots). This is the exact reason our co-founder, Simon, created the MOX Outdoor Set

Simon says that you, your partner, your cousin twice removed, and every other adventurous person you know needs the MOX Outdoors Set (the ladies might steal your skincare instead of the other way around, for once). Want to know which products the Outdoors Set includes? 

  • The MOX Invigorating Peppermint Cleanser: Pharmacist Ben, MOX’s formulator and professional Cosmetic Chemist, says that cleansing is one of the harshest things you do to your skin. Our next-level cleanser doesn’t dry out or irritate your face, can double as a shaving cream, and uses salicylic acid to improve skin texture and appearance.
  • The MOX Multi Nutrient Serum: Containing the 5 essential vitamins for skin health, vitamins A, C, E, D, and K, this innovative serum builds stronger, healthier skin and more collagen. Pharmacist Ben likes to say that using it is similar to taking your skin to the gym. It’s formulated with non-comedogenic squalane and ultra-powerful vitamin C
  • The MOX Muscle Roller: Do you use anything for muscle discomfort? It’d be a lot cooler if you did, so give ours a go; it’s like a tiny ice bath in a tube because it has an exceptionally powerful formula. Packed with wintergreen, eucalyptus, menthol, and peppermint oil, it’s fast-acting to cool and relax sore muscles for an extended period.
  • The MOX Invisible Armor: Using sunscreen is important for an SPF (a sexy protected face – see what we did there?) Ours is a mineral zinc oxide formula that goes on clear but still protects and complements your vitamin D production. Containing hyaluronic acid to help hydrate and soften, along with aloe, you’ll be left with soft skin and no sunburns.
  • Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults: Try the MOX Outdoor Set to Beat the Elements

    Tell us – which outdoor summer activities for adults from our list will you be trying? Let us know by staying connected with us (and Simon) through the MOX email list and Instagram



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