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Men With MOX: Building Roots

Men With MOX: Building Roots - MOX Skincare

Meet Erich Hergert, the Family Man Documenting His DIY Home From the Ground Up

MOX represents more than just skincare. It's about embodying positivity and passion in all areas of your life, while also making a meaningful impact and staying true to yourself. The MOX attitude is strength and humility, a willingness to learn and grow in every aspect of life.

One of those Men With MOX is Erich Hergert, a father chronicling the construction of his DIY home and how he stays rooted in family. Through hard work, dedication, and some help from his wife, Erich’s built an impressive online community on Instagram known as The Dad Blog.

Erich’s profile is all about the importance of family, getting out into nature, taking tasks into your own hands, and you know – dad stuff. Perfectly personifying MOX, Erich’s story is one of transcendence and an unyielding determination to always be present for his family and friends.

To spotlight Men With MOX, we caught up with Erich to chat about his family, moving to North America from Germany, how he stays so grounded, why self-care matters, and the concept of masculinity. Here's the inside story:

Men With MOX | Erich Hergert

Pictured: Erich and His Family

MOX: When did you decide to start documenting your life on social media? How has it impacted you?

Erich Hergert: I started documenting my life on social media a few years ago. But it wasn’t until this year that my wife told me I should start a page for dads. From there, I knew I wanted to create a place where people could see my favorite products, learn family travel and DIY tips, and watch my building progress.

In the beginning, I was very nervous about posting on social media. Thankfully, my wife taught me a very valuable lesson: You don’t have to be shy; be yourself, embrace yourself, and people will either love or hate you. And if you can reach just one person and make their day then that’s all that matters.

MOX: You’re building your own house for yourself and your family, which is awesome. What made you decide to do this? Has it taught you anything about yourself and your perseverance?

Erich Hergert: I grew up building things like garages and houses with my father, so I’ve always wanted to build a home for my own family. This journey has taught me a lot about what I’m capable of. And I’ve vowed never to set limitations on myself. So – without a doubt – I’d say building this house has given me a new perspective on life and how I approach challenges.
Men With MOX | Erich Hergert's House

Pictured: The Home Erich’s Building For His Family

MOX: On your Instagram, you said: “Girl dad, and wouldn’t want it any other way.” What’s your typical day look like as a girl dad? Feel free to share any fun stories about your fam!

Erich Hergert: I always start my day by having breakfast with my wife and daughters. They love when I make my special crocodile bananas for them in the morning. After breakfast, we usually go outside to enjoy the fresh air as a family.

My youngest spends her time collecting pine cones, while my oldest prefers to draw obstacle courses up and down the asphalt with chalk. We are a very outdoorsy family. In fact, during the summer, we spend a lot of time camping. My family treasures sitting by the bonfire and making fun dinners together.

Men With MOX | Erich Hergert With Family/Friends

 Pictured: Erich With Family/Friends Enjoying the Outdoors

MOX: Can you share a specific challenge you faced in your life, and how did you overcome it to emerge as a stronger, more resilient individual?

Erich Hergert: Ten years ago, my family and I moved across the country to North America. I had to start completely over as I barely spoke any English. Learning to step out of my comfort zone was difficult, but I did end up meeting my wife and a new group of friends.

I had to attend school to get my American high school diploma, which was a huge challenge for me. I knew it was going to be extremely hard, but with my wife by my side, I learned how to push forward with resilience. By the end of school, I could read and write English well!

Men With MOX | Erich Hergert and His Family

Pictured: Erich and His Family

MOX: Who has been a role model or mentor in your life, and how has their guidance helped shape the person you are today?

Erich Hergert: I’ve had two huge role models in my life: my dad and father-in-law. They’re both very different from each other, which is why they’ve taught me so many things. My father-in-law always instilled in me that the simple things in life matter. He also preached to me about taking breaks when needed and finding the time to sit back and relax.

Along with those lessons, my father-in-law trained me to fish, hunt, and love the outdoors. When it comes to my own dad – well – he’s a workhouse. He taught me that I can achieve anything if I put my heart and soul into it. My dad is also a pastor, so he helped nurture and grow my sense of faith.

MOX: How do you define being a better man, and how has your understanding of this concept evolved over time?

Erich Hergert: For me, being a better man means always showing up for my friends and family. To do this, I strive to be present in every conversation and aspect of life for those I care about. When I was younger and didn’t have a family of my own yet, I believed a man was someone who worked hard.

I associated manliness with putting in long hours and making great money. While all of that is fine, I now know that being a man is setting a good example of how to treat women, while being a phenomenal dad that helps himself and his family always portray themselves in a positive light.

MOX: What role does your self-care, including skincare, play in your daily routine, and how has it impacted your well-being and confidence?

Erich Hergert: As a 31-year-old man, my skin is starting to show signs of aging. Due to this and because I just enjoy having “me time,” I started a skincare routine to wind down at the end of the day. I really enjoy exfoliating and cold plunging, which is when I stick my face in a cold bowl of water.

MOX: What's one way in which you take care of your health?

Erich Hergert: I believe that the most important part of health is actually mental health. All aspects of life are affected by mental health, so I believe it’s important to talk openly about it. To keep my mental health in check, I make sure to spend as much time as possible with my girls.

Men With MOX: Erich Hergert

Pictured: Erich and His Family

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