No BS Tips on How to Be More Attractive as a Man

No BS Tips on How to Be More Attractive as a Man - MOX Skincare

Sit back and imagine this: You’re heading down to your favorite bar, guitar tightly secured to your back, and sunglasses too dark to be wearing at night sit atop your nose, but what the hell – Google said it makes you triple the amount of attractive. Next, you check your breath to ensure the entire bulb of garlic you downed earlier is still legible. You spot a woman coming your way (the damned article must’ve worked), so you smile… slowly… like real slowly. You know you’ve nailed it; after all, who could resist these totally normal attractive guy things, right?

Cue the friend zone because here’s a little secret: these things don’t make you more attractive.

At MOX, we know the stuff that’ll land you a real date (or if you’re in a relationship, keep it thriving), and it has nada to do with the three G’s: garlic, guitars, and glasses. Here are some tried-and-true tips from our co-founder and lady's man, Simon Rex (he’s a professional, obviously), on how to be more attractive as a man:

How to Be More Attractive as a Man: Cool Dudes Don’t Stress

Contrary to popular belief, men have a lot on their minds  -- shocking. Research says 17% of guys feel nervous, anxious, or worried daily, which is a lot of stress. When you’re worried about making the wrong move, or about all the bad stuff that may happen in the future, you could experience physical and mental hassles like breakouts, bloating, and exhaustion. Cool dudes don’t deal with those issues, so try to keep the stress minimal, capeesh?

The Science On How to Be More Attractive as a Man: Simon isn’t new to grinding; we mean working a lot, by the way. However, the effects of the day-in, day-out grind can have a serious impact on your health, especially through stress. From early aging to heart problems, the effects are serious, which is why it's important to take a chill pill through mind-body practices to become more relaxed and – drum roll – stress-free:

  • Yoga (yes, men do yoga, too, and it’s awesome)
  • Martial Arts
  • Self Care
  • Acupuncture (it really doesn’t hurt, okay)
  • Exercise
  • Eat Healthy
  • Face Care
How to Be More Attractive as a Man

How to Be More Attractive as a Man

How to Be More Attractive as a Man: Having a Good Sense of Humor Is Sexy

You know what they say – funny as hell, attractive as heaven. Okay, no one says that; we made it up, but you get the point: Be funny, unleash the comedy beast, toss out your best jokes – you know – do what you need to to get the laughs, guys, because a good sense of humor is sexy.

The Science On How to Be More Attractive as a Man: There’s a lot of research on this topic, but here’s an interesting one: A study from the University of Arkansas recruited 162 women for a speed-dating style experiment where they were shown photographs of six similar-looking men.

Dr Mitch Brown, who led the study, says: “Funny men appear more competent to women. If women believe that to be the case, they may believe men will do better in their careers, know more people, know how to play the game, and even earn more money.”

How to Be More Attractive As a Man

How to Be More Attractive as a Man

How to Be More Attractive as a Man: Be Nice (Personalities Actually Matter, Guys)

How to Be More Attractive as a Man

When I think of the whole “personality matters” thing, I go to those cheesy romance movies where the jock would be an ass to “impress” a girl. Like in Grease (as men, we actually like this one, right?), when Danny tries to seem indifferent by not remembering Sandy, which makes her so mad she sings at a very small pool. So anyway – the point is – don’t be a Danny, be a Simon and have a good personality.

The Science On How to Be More Attractive as a Man: Studies from two fancy-sounding journals found women go for guys with good personalities for long-term relationships, which means it’s time to let your true colors fly, my friends. Here’s how to play up your personality:

  • Talk about what you like to do or your favorite shows and movies to watch (TIP: Use your judgment to keep from overdoing it or you may come off as narcissistic)
  • Share stories from your past or funny things that happened throughout your week
  • Don’t be scared to express your opinions (TIP: Being respectful is important here)
  • Accept feedback and become a better man from it
  • Recognize the positive parts of your personality that make you, you
  • Be nice because no one wants to hang out with a Negative Nicholas

How to Be More Attractive as a Man

How to Be More Attractive as a Man: Exercise for Your Health (Muscles Are a Cool Bonus)

If you frequent the gym, what pushes you to go daily? You may say you want to be able to show the ladies your gun show or you’re looking to appear more attractive to nab a date or two (or three; MOX is a no-judgment zone). Simon says – there’s more to it than those things, but they are pretty cool bonuses. So, while we all dream about a Hulk-like stature, it’s important to know and understand that exercise benefits your entire body, inside and out, not just your looks.

The Science On How to Be More Attractive as a Man: We’ve curated a mantra for all of you out there asking how to be more attractive as a man – “Exercise isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good.” Saying a mantra for 10-15 minutes daily can improve your attention and lift your mood.

How to Be More Attractive as a Man

On to the actual science stuff; some benefits you can get out of exercise are:

  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Enhanced Physical Endurance (Simon’s middle name is stamina)
  • Stress Reduction
  • Self-Confidence
  • Increased Energy (for all that stamina you’ll have)
How to Be More Attractive as a Man
How to Be More Attractive As a Man

How to Be More Attractive as a Man: Take Care of Your Skin… For Real

Yes – the ladies do care about your skin, guys. See?

How to Be More Attractive as a Man

Here is how to do skincare the MOX way:

How to Be More Attractive as a Man

How to Be More Attractive as a Man With Skincare

Step 1. Cleanse: Grab your Invigorating Peppermint Cleanser and get ready to hit the ground running with vigor (and attractiveness) after you experience the cold, ice-bath-for-your-face freshness it leaves you with. Our formulator – Pharmacist Bensays, “Cleansing is the harshest thing people do to their skin. This is because dirt and natural skin oils are in the same place.”

How to Be More Attractive as a Man With Pharmacist Ben

“To get rid of dirt, you have to get rid of natural skin oils. The challenge with a cleanser is to create a formulation that cleans the skin without disturbing these oils.” The reason why MOX is superior for giving men’s skin a strength boost is because it’s formulated with skin-quenching ingredients like Peppermint Oil and Lipids. Plus, it makes a killer shaving cream.

How to Be More Attractive as a Man
How to Be More Attractive as a Man

Step 2. Serum: With MOX, all it takes is two to three steps to have a full face care routine with real benefits. The second step – the MOX Multi Nutrient Serum – is jam-packed with Squalane and five essential skincare vitamins: A, E, C, D, and K. Not to mention the fact that the Multi Nutrient Serum is filled with 20 to 40 times more nutrients than a traditional serum.

“One of the things pharmacists understand is the power of nutrients as medicinal and therapeutic compounds,” Pharmacist Ben mentions. “We see things like vitamin C as medicine. Since the skin is turning over at a faster rate than any other tissue in the body, it’s very receptive to nutrition.” So basically – the serum is only formulated with strong stuff that’s good for men.

How to Be More Attractive as a Man


Step 3. Lock It In: If you ask Simon which step in his face care routine is his favorite, he’ll say the Mineral Hydrating Mist; it’s a potent mineral hydrator that helps invigorate and hydrate for healthy skin that looks and feels its strongest. This means that it works cell-deep, like all MOX products, to deliver nutritiously beneficial vitamins and nutrients in each spray.

Pharmacist Ben explains, “It’s formulated with plant-derived ionic minerals (AKA electrolytes), which provide hydrating and nutritive properties and enhance the skin penetration of other MOX products used with it. A preservative-free formula, it features dermal health-enhancing amino acids as well as hyaluronic acid and lactate to keep the skin soft and moisturized.”

To gift our powerful system to someone you know, you can click here to grab the first two steps together as The Superset, or all three as the The Superset +. If you’re just a guy who enjoys self-care and wants to add some more strength to his routine, try the MOX Eye Tight & Bright for an energized look (also a favorite in Simon’s MOX stash to meet Hollywood’s demands).

Before you go – which tip in our how to be more attractive as a guy list will you be putting into action first?


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