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Should You Wash Your Face Twice a Day?

Should You Wash Your Face Twice a Day? - MOX Skincare



Sing it with us: “It’s okay to wash your face every day.” While this is true (most things Simon Rex – MOX’s co-founder and professional jack of all trades – says is true), are you supposed to be washing your face twice a day? Even though that involves more steps and time spent not doing guy things, there’s some pretty compelling info on why keeping your skin clean is so important. Plus, you have to do what Simon says, right? You know – playground rules and all.

Simon’s earworm aside (we’re still singing it, too, don’t worry), let’s explore men’s hygiene and answer the question: Should you wash your face twice a day? And if so – why?:

Should You Wash Your Face Twice a Day? Yes, It's Important, Man

Should You Wash Your Face Twice a Day?

It’s not a secret that guys are late to the face care party, but that’s A-OK; Simon would likely call it fashionably late. The point is that you’re here now and ready to tackle men’s hygiene, starting with cleansing. Here’s why washing your face twice daily is important for healthy, strong skin:

  • Washing Your Face Twice Daily Can Remove Dirt and Impurities: During the day, your skin is exposed to all kinds of environmental pollutants (think dust, bacteria, and other earthly stuff). Washing your face twice a day can help remove them, preventing clogged pores and a lizard-like appearance (AKA a dry, aged look), in Simon’s words.
  • Washing Your Face Twice Daily Can Prevent Acne: Call your oily skin an Uber because you’ll likely never see it again if you take your facial washing seriously. After all, cleansing can knock out excess oil, dead skin cells, and other impurities that are built up on your skin – for the long haul. As a bonus, cleansing twice daily can prevent acne.
  • Washing Your Face Twice Daily Can Maintain Skin Hydration: As we mentioned above, Simon refers to guys who don’t take men’s hygiene seriously as lizard people, meaning they have dry skin aching for a drop or two of hydration. Cleansing twice daily can help maintain your skin's moisture, resulting in – what’s the opposite of lizard skin?
  • Washing Your Face Twice Daily Can Promote Healthy Skin Regeneration: As a dude, I’m sure you’ve scraped a knee or even gotten a meager (yet stupidly painful) papercut. Have you noticed injuries to your skin heal pretty fast? Cleansing twice daily – especially before bedcan help your skin renew itself for an even speedier recovery.
  • Washing Your Face Twice Daily Can Enhance Absorption of Skincare Products: So you’re a men’s hygiene fanatic and love face care, but sometimes you skimp on cleansing. To make sure all the products you apply actually soak in and benefit your skin, try to maintain a twice-a-day cleansing schedule as it can enhance their absorption.
  • Washing Your Face Twice Daily Can Prevent Skin Conditions: If you’re someone dealing with the struggles of skin conditions like rosacea, dermatitis, and eczema, twice-a-day cleansing can help remove irritants and calm your skin. This means that – after a good cleanse – your skin will feel and look stronger.

Should You Wash Your Face Twice a Day or Does It Depend on Your Skin Type?

Experts – and Simon, as you can tell by his skin-related jam sesh in the video above – agree that men can wash their face twice daily. Dermatologist Nazanin Saedi says, “I tell patients to wash their face in the morning and at the end of the day. This removes things that may have settled on the skin throughout the night and then removes dirt and impurities during the day.”

After a sweaty, electrolyte-diminishing workout, it’s highly recommended to wash your face. But if you have dry, sensitive skin, you can just use a splash of warm water in the morning and after the gym, while fully cleansing before bed. This will keep you from irritating your skin, especially if you’re dealing with flare-ups from rosacea or eczema (more on this in the previous section).

So – should you wash your face twice a day? Yes and no because it depends on your skin type:

Should You Wash Your Face Twice a Day? For Men With Acne-Prone and Oily Skin

Men's Hygiene: Should You Wash Your Face Twice a Day?

“If you have acne-prone skin, you should wash your face at least twice a day,” says Saya Obayah, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist located in Austin, Texas. “Cleansers can be helpful for oily skin, but it’s also important not to skip out on using moisturizer when you have oily skin (a lack of moisture can lead to your skin overproducing oil to keep it hydrated).”

Cue the name drop: I can’t see you, but you look like you could use a good-quality cleanser, like our MOX Wake Up Call Cleanser. It not only feels like a refreshing ice bath for your face because of its Peppermint Oil content, but it’ll also help control blemishes and soften.

Men’s Hygiene 101 with MOX: Some signs of acne-prone and oily skin are:

  • Excess sebum production (AKA skin oil), making you appear shiny and feel greasy
  • Enlarged pores, which are more visible because they get filled with sebum and dead skin cells
  • Frequent breakouts that include both blackheads and whiteheads
  • Uneven skin texture due to bumps, breakouts, and enlarged pores

You can learn more about men’s oily skin and how to combat it here.

Should You Wash Your Face Twice a Day? For Men With Combination Skin

Men's Hygiene Should You Wash Your Face Twice a Day

Dr. Obayah says to follow the same rules as above. “Cleansing twice a day is ideal unless you’re noticing your skin getting flaky, dry, or irritated, then it’s ok to take a break,” she says. “Combination skin will need an ultra-potent serum, especially in dry winter weather. Look for moisturizers or serums with lipids to get you through the cooler months.”

Cue the name drop – again: The MOX Vitamin Serum is packed with lipids and essential vitamins. It’ll provide you with actual results you can see, especially for the lizard folks out there. And it doubles as a phenomenal moisturizer for all skin types (our cleanser is universal, too).

Men’s Hygiene 101 with MOX: Some signs of combination skin are:

  • An oily and breakout-prone T-zone, which is a fancy term you’ve probably heard your wife say while throwing on some makeup; it includes your forehead, nose, and chin
  • Dry cheeks that may present skin obstacles like flakiness or a tight feeling
  • Redness or sensitivity is sometimes seen in men with combination skin, especially in any dry areas
  • Pores can become enlarged and more visible because of your skin’s oil production

Should You Wash Your Face Twice a Day? For Men With Dry and Sensitive Skin

Should You Wash Your Face Twice A Day

Washing your face twice a day may cause irritation for those with dry and sensitive skin types. Experts recommend using hydrating face washes that include good-for-you ingredients, like our MOX Wake Up Call Cleanser. You can also swap out one of your twice-daily washes with micellar water, a great option for gentle, effective cleansing, or just a simple splash of H20.

Men’s Hygiene 101 with MOX: Some signs of dry and/or sensitive skin are:

You can learn more about men’s dry, sensitive skin and how to combat it here.

Benefits of Not Washing Your Face Every Day

There’s not any, sorry. Wash your face, guys (preferably with MOX).

Men's Hygiene Face Washing Myth #1: Washing Your Face In the Shower Is a No-Go

Simon loves showers (like the majority of men), but he’s here to tell you, along with Dr. Todd Minars, a Florida-based, board-certified dermatologist, that washing your face in the shower is totally fine.

“I wouldn't say washing your face in the shower vs. at the sink is that different, but in the shower, you can receive benefits from the steam to help open pores,” explains Dr. Todd Minars. “I recommend washing your face near the end of your shower, once the steam has had a chance to open pores, but dialing the temp down a bit for the actual application.”

Simon – on the other hand – is just happy you’re washing your face.

Face Washing Myth #1: A Bar Soap Can Do Wonders for Your Skin

Bar soap, shmar soap. Guys, no matter what you say, think, or feel about the bar soap you likely have in your shower, it’s not good and has more downfalls than benefits. While bar soap has been a staple in bathrooms for centuries, the slippery little guys are seemingly being kicked to the curb because they can dry out your skin and leave an annoying residue behind.

Pharmacist Ben – the MOX formulator – has a lot to say on the subject: “Bar soap is very alkaline by nature and by definition, but the skin is acid. Since bar soaps are alkaline, they are going to be drying and leave a film on the skin,” he explains. “And alkaline sticks to acid, which means that the soap is going to leave a residue behind."

Simon doesn’t like bar soap, so he recommends ditching the baggage.

So... Should You Wash Your Face Twice a Day? For Healthy Skin, Try It With MOX

Should You Wash Your Face Twice A Day
Should You Wash Your Face Twice A Day

Step 1. Cleanse: Grab your MOX Invigorating Peppermint Cleanser and get ready to hit the ground running after you experience the cold, ice-bath-for-your-face freshness it leaves you with. Our formulator – Pharmacist Ben – says, “Cleansing is the harshest thing people do to their skin. This is because dirt and natural skin oils are in the same place.”

“To get rid of dirt, you have to get rid of natural skin oils. The challenge with a cleanser is to create a formulation that cleans the skin without disturbing these oils.” The reason why MOX is superior for giving men’s skin a strength boost is because it’s formulated with skin-quenching ingredients like Peppermint Oil and Lipids. And it makes a killer shaving cream.

Should You Wash Your Face Twice A Day
Should You Wash Your Face Twice A Day

Step 2. Serum: With MOX, all it takes is two steps to have a full face care routine with real benefits. The second step – the MOX Multi Nutrient Serum – is jam-packed with squalane and five essential skincare vitamins: A, E, C, D, and K. Not to mention the fact that the Multi Nutrient Serum is filled with 20 to 40 times more nutrients than a traditional serum.

Should You Wash Your Face Twice A Day

“One of the things pharmacists understand is the power of nutrients as medicinal and therapeutic compounds,” Pharmacist Ben mentions. “We see things like vitamin C as medicine. Since the skin is turning over at a faster rate than any other tissue in the body, it’s very receptive to nutrition.” So basically – the serum is only formulated with strong, good-for-men nutrients.

If you’re interested in gifting our powerful duo to someone you know then you can click here to grab them together as The Superset. Or if you’re just a guy who loves self-care and wants to add some more strength to your routine, try snagging the electrolyte-filled Mineral Hydrating Mist and the under-eye-reviving MOX Eye Brightener.

POP QUIZ -- should you wash your face twice a day? 

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