Gear Up the Active Man: The Ultimate Guide on Gifts to Get Men

Gear Up the Active Man: The Ultimate Guide on Gifts to Get Men - MOX Skincare

Gifts to get men:” A phrase that landed you here because – honestly – coming up with gifts that your partner will actually use and enjoy is pretty difficult, contrary to popular belief. You could easily take the toolset route or go shopping for him a tie and a pair of funny socks at your local department store. But since you’re here, you’ve likely decided to spice up your gift-giving game by finding him unique presents that’ll speak to his active lifestyle and adventurous soul.

To make present shopping easier for you, here are seven of the best gifts to get men for any occasion that’ll promote a healthy and energetic way of living:

The Hoodie From Paka

Gifts to Get Men

Trying to buy a gift for an outdoorsy guy who’s super into eco-conscious clothing? Paka’s got you covered as when you buy one of their products, you’re supporting 100+ women artisans in Peru, which – if you ask us – is pretty awesome. The Hoodie by Paka (which is lighter than your coffee mug and adjusts to the temp) is one of its best-selling items as it’s softer than cashmere. Plus, reviewers of The Hoodie say it keeps getting better and better with each wear.

If you’re looking for gifts to get men and know someone who’d love The Hoodie from Paka (it’s also unisex), here are some key features to remember:

  • Made with outdoor activities like hiking, camping, lounging, and traveling in mind
  • 65% royal alpaca fiber / 35% recycled nylon
  • Flexible knitting on both sides and on the hood
  • Comes in seven inclusive sizes and four colors

Promising Review: “Most awesome sweater ever! I wear it all the time in the fall, winter, and spring because it’s breathable and adjusts to the temperature.” - Mark B.

You can shop The Hoodie from Paka here.

Catch:3 Wireless Charging Valet From Courant

Gifts to Get Men

With all the technological devices available today, it’s no wonder that your man’s nightstand is crowded with a queue of items waiting to be charged. Thanks to Courant and their Catch:3 Wireless Valet, he can say goodbye to scattered headphones, a half-dead smartwatch, and tangled cords. The Catch:3 combines multi-coil, single-device wireless technology with an aesthetic look (it’ll match any room), while also providing an easy way to organize his gadgets.

If you’re looking for gifts to get men and know someone who’d love the Catch:3 Wireless Charging Valet from Courant, here are some key features to remember:

  • Made of durable braided nylon cable
  • Has a weighted, non-slip construction
  • Charges through most cases up to 3mm in thickness
  • Comes in five colors (we’re really loving the one called Saddle!)
  • Monogramming is available if you’re looking for customizable gifts to get men

Promising Review: “I purchased one for my boyfriend for Christmas. He often forgets to charge his phone and always has a pocket full of stuff. He loves it and especially the personalization. It’s on his nightstand and so convenient. The packaging and quality are impressive!” - Kelly O

You can shop the Catch:3 Wireless Charging Valet from Courant here.

Theragun Elite From Therabody

Gifts to Get Men

Ever heard of percussion therapy? It’s a type of massage therapy designed to soothe sore muscles after intense workouts. Commonly, it involves using a massage gun to rapidly strike muscle tissue for faster recovery, pain relief, and improved range of motion. If your man needs a little muscle TLC after hitting the gym, snag him a Theragun Elite by Therabody, which can reach 60% deeper into muscles than other massage guns and is ultra-quiet.

If you’re looking for gifts to get men and know someone who’d love the Theragun Elite from Therabody, here are some key features to remember:

  • Includes a 60-day risk-free trial
  • Has a 120-minute battery life and ergonomic multi-grip features
  • Enjoy five closed-cell foam attachments that can easily be cleaned for hygiene
  • Complete with five built-in speeds and an app-controlled customizable speed range
  • 1-year limited warranty

Promising Review: “Never thought a massage gun could help my body before and after my workout. Originally bought with the idea to address nagging tightness and discomfort. Pleasantly surprised that it addressed focus areas of my body but includes a solution for total body care. The Theragun will be part of my wellness routine going forward.” - Anonymous

You can shop the Theragun Elite from Therabody here.

Voyager Chair From Parkit

Gifts to Get Men

The Voyager from Parkit is a two-in-one outdoor lover’s dream with its leakproof cooler that’s ready to hold drinks and its innovative, sturdy chair design. While the chair is feather-light, it’s made with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame. On the other hand, the webbing on the seat and seatback is woven with polyester for comfort and durability. As the cherry on top of the gift-giving sundae, the entire Voyager folds up and carries with ease thanks to its straps.

If you’re looking for gifts to get men and know someone who’d love the Voyager from Parkit, here are some key features to remember:

  • Comes with a cooler that’s leakproof and keeps drinks cold for eight or more hours
  • Moveable cup holder can be mounted on either side of the chair and has cutouts for mug handles
  • Includes backpack straps for easy carry
  • Can hold up to 350 pounds

Promising Review: “From the first time I sat down on this chair, I could feel my body at ease. It offers amazing comfort, a super light and sturdy construction, and looks amazing! What more could you ask for? An investment that is totally worth the price.” - Rudy

You can shop the Voyager from Parkit here

Outdoors Hellagood Blanket From Belmont Blanket

Gifts to Get Men

Need gifts to get men that enjoy sprawling out in nature or trekking through cold climates? The Outdoors Hellagood Blanket from Belmont Blanket (sometimes dubbed the adventure blanket) is a game-changer for picnics and taking cozy scenic breaks; it can even keep your man warm and comfy through the most perilous of adventures as it’s been proven to help retain heat. The inside of the blanket is fitted with a vegan fleece that’s lux, eco-friendly, and breathable.

If you’re looking for gifts to get men and know someone who’d love the Outdoors Hellagood Blanket from Belmont Blanket, here are some key features to remember:

  • Includes a leather wrap made from upcycled leather to make storing and carrying easier
  • Waterproof, plush, and antimicrobial
  • Comes in five colors and styles

Promising Review: “Belmont Blanket is the Yeti of outdoor blankets.” - The Dyrt

You can shop the Outdoors Hellagood Blanket from Belmont Blanket here.

Go 3 Portable Waterproof Speaker From JBL

Gifts to Get Men

Outdoorsy men tend to really jive with gadgets that make being in nature more fun than it already is. For example, what provides an added vibe while at the beach? Music. How can you learn facts about your destination while hiking? A podcast. Either way, the Go 3 Portable Waterproof Speaker from JBL is one of the best gifts to get men as it provides entertainment with a simple Bluetooth pair. In addition, it’s waterproof and dustproof, so it’s outdoor-friendly.

If you’re looking for gifts to get men and know someone who’d love the Go 3 Portable Waterproof Speaker from JBL, here are some key features to remember:

  • Has five hours of playtime and wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Choose from eight different colors and patterns, or you can design your own (who doesn’t love a little personalization?)

Promising Review: “The Go 3 is a great little portable Bluetooth speaker. It has a premium look and feel with a clip loop making it even easier to take with you. Not to mention, it’s waterproof and dustproof, so taking it to the park or the beach is safe! I've used it outside on a rainy day, while hiking, around a campfire, and quite often in my apartment.” - Rlmoyer

You can shop the Go 3 Portable Waterproof Speaker from JBL here.

The Daily Face Care Kit From MOX

Gifts to Get Men

Gifts to Get Men

Does he use face care products (or steal yours)? Maybe you’ve caught him going for slippery bar soaps that are extremely harsh on his skin? Considering he’s an outdoor enthusiast that likely feels most at home in rugged, adventure-fueling terrains, his skin can take a beating if not nourished cell-deep with the proper nutrients (think squalane, lipids, and vitamin C).

At MOX, we know the power of good-quality face care and its connection to a healthy, youthful appearance. Our products are formulated by Pharmacist and Nutritionist Ben Fuchs, who uses his expertise to infuse each MOX product with vitamins, minerals, and other good-for-you ingredients to feed and exercise the skin from within while kicking excess oil to the curb.

The MOX Daily Face Care Kit features the Multi Nutrient Serum and Peppermint Cleanser. Our Multi Nutrient Serum is clinically proven to brighten skin, build collagen, improve strength, and increase moisture. The Peppermint Cleanser – which feels like an ice bath for your face– offers a crisp burst of freshness that removes surface dirt, hydrates the skin, and doubles as a great shaving cream.

Grab the MOX Daily Face Care Kit here to give your partner excellent-quality face care products proven to fuel and exercise his skin from within.

Tell us – which of the above-mentioned gifts to get men will you be snagging?

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