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Want in on the Inside Scoop?

Want in on the Inside Scoop? - MOX Skincare
Did you know that there are many alternative uses for Mox products?! Here, we will give you the inside scoop on all the ways you can use Mox! Starting strong with the Multi-Nutrient Serum, this awesome formula can do almost anything. The serum can help heal burns, scrapes, cuts, baby diaper rash, or prevent stretch marks. It can also be used as an eye cream, lip cream, leg cream, etc.. Hint: your skin uses the same cells all over the body so don’t be afraid to put the serum everywhere! The Invigorating Peppermint Cleanser doubles as a refreshing shaving cream or even shampoo! Use it on your legs, your face, or in your hair and feel it work some magic! Finally, try spraying in your hair with the Mineral Hydrating Mist after you get out of the shower to get an oxygenating, hydrating, and smoothing effect. Feel free to also take that mist with you to refresh your makeup throughout the day.



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