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What Does Exfoliating Even Mean?

What Does Exfoliating Even Mean? - MOX Skincare

All garden lovers know that to keep your bushes healthy, you cut the branches back to help the plant grow back fuller and stronger. The same concept applies to your skin as you exfoliate it! Disrupting the skin acts as a refresher. Your skin cells get a wake up call saying ‘time to turn on!’ So, what type of exfoliators should you use? Our favorite way to exfoliate is through fruit sugar acids because they not only exfoliate but drop the PH of the skin to make it more acidic, and our skin loves to be acidic!


At Mox, we won’t bullshit you! Our toner actually works. The Mox Triple Action Toner exfoliates the skin, removing the loose cells on the surface to reveal naturally tighter skin below. Our Triple Action Toner has both not only instant, but long term tightening effects with continued use. You’ll definitely want to add this exfoliating toner to your skincare routine. For glowing results, use the toner 3 times a week before following up with the Mox Multi Nutrient Serum. Get ready for tight and glowy skin all year round!

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