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Men With MOX: Nomad, No Worries

Men With MOX: Nomad, No Worries - MOX Skincare

Meet Kevin Fernandez, the Adventurous Explorer Documenting His Van Life Travels Through Social Media

MOX represents more than just skincare. It's about embodying positivity and passion in all areas of your life, while also making a meaningful impact and staying true to yourself. The MOX attitude is strength and humility, a willingness to learn and grow in every aspect of life.

One of those Men With MOX is Kevin Fernandez, a traveler documenting his van life journey and the lessons he learns along the way on Instagram and Tik Tok. Through determination and drive, Kevin’s seen jaw-dropping natural parks and accomplished arduous treks.

Kevin’s profiles are all about the importance of getting out into nature and pushing yourself to the limits. Perfectly personifying MOX, Kevin’s story is one of resolution and willpower; the push to navigate life and earth interchangeably.

To spotlight Men With MOX, we caught up with Kevin to chat about his travels, van life, how he stays so grounded while being on the road 24/7, why self-care matters, and the concept of masculinity. Here's the inside story:Men With MOX | Kevin Fernandez

Pictured: Kevin At Arches National Park In Utah (Left) and Manhatten In New York City (Right)

MOX: Tell us about your van life journey. How has it impacted your mental health? Do you have any advice to give to those who may be wanting to trek into the van life world?

Kevin Fernandez: I became comfortable with traveling through my childhood experiences of family road trips. It wasn’t until the pandemic, though, that I started seeing other individuals post about living in their vans. At the time, it wasn’t mainstream to grab a van and head off into the sunset, but I did it anyway.

And let me tell you: It’s been great! I’ve done and seen things that would be completely out of the cards with a stagnant job. But to do the whole van life thing, you need to determine what cities have fitness centers for showers and where you’re going to sleep (if not in your van). There is a lot of planning that goes into it.

Make sure to also take care of yourself. On the road, it’s easy to eat out all the time and drive the day away. But you still need to eat healthy, be active, and prioritize your mental and physical health. Connect with other van lifers to see how they stay active. After all, van life can get lonely if you’re traveling solo.

Men With Mox | Kevin Fernandez

Pictured: Kevin With His Van In Los Angeles, CA

MOX: You’ve visited a ton of fun destinations then! Can you tell us about your favorite places that you’ve traveled to? Have any of these places helped shape who you are today?

Kevin Fernandez: Thankfully, I’ve been able to visit so many national parks: From Yellowstone to all of the different national parks in Utah to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Seeing the differences in beauty between each national park is truly a remarkable thing. And there are so many unique landscapes across the country; it’s awesome!

One of the places that really shaped me is Havasupai Falls in Arizona. It takes grit and toughness to get there, but the views are absolutely breathtaking. I apply this determination to my daily life by sharing the beauty of nature through social media. These falls have also taught me to be more cautious of how I interact with the world.

Men With MOX | Kevin Fernandez

Pictured: Kevin At Burning Man (Left) and Havasupai Falls In Arizona (right)

MOX: Can you share a specific challenge you faced in your life, and how did you overcome it to emerge as a stronger, more resilient individual?

Kevin Fernandez: Thru-hiking to the peak of Mt. Whitney was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. It took seven days of constant hiking and camping in the wilderness with no access to modern comforts or technology. The mental aspect was tough, and it was easy to get discouraged.

But setting small goals and leaning on my hiking companions for support helped me to overcome those challenges. By taking it one step at a time and staying focused on the present moment, I was able to push through and emerge as a stronger, more resilient individual. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that came with reaching the peak was so worth it!

MOX: Who has been a role model or mentor in your life, and how has their guidance helped shape the person you are today?

Kevin Fernandez: Steve Cook – a successful fitness influencer – has been a significant role model in my life. His dedication to fitness, traveling, and motivating others has always inspired me. Through his guidance and motivation, I’ve learned the importance of working hard and never giving up.

MOX: How do you define being a better man, and how has your understanding of this concept evolved over time?

Kevin Fernandez: Being a better man is about constantly striving to improve oneself. It means being honest, respectful, and compassionate towards others, while also having a strong sense of integrity and character. It's about being self-aware, empathetic, and taking responsibility for one's actions and decisions.

My understanding of this concept has evolved as I've traveled and experienced different cultures and ways of life. I've learned that it’s not just about personal growth but also about contributing positively to society and the world; it’s using one's talents and resources to make a difference in the lives of others.
Men With MOX | Kevin Fernandez

Pictured: Kevin In Nashville, TN (Left) and the Hot Creek Geologic Site In California (Right)

MOX: As someone who pushes the boundaries of your own passion, what values or principles guide your actions and how do you work to instill these in others?

Kevin Fernandez: I’m guided by the principles of curiosity, open-mindedness, and respect for the natural world. I believe that pushing the boundaries of our passions requires us to embrace new experiences, learn from different cultures, and appreciate the beauty of our planet.

I strive to share these values by encouraging curiosity and open-mindedness and promoting responsible and sustainable travel practices. I really hope to inspire a greater sense of connection, understanding, and appreciation for the world we live in by doing these things.

MOX: What role does your self-care, including skincare, play in your daily routine, and how has it impacted your well-being and confidence?

Kevin Fernandez: As an adventurer who loves to spend time in the great outdoors, I understand the importance of skincare. Being in the sun and elements all the time can have a crazy impact on your skin, so it’s important to wear SPF.

Plus, I make sure to wear things like hats and long-sleeved shirts to shield my skin from the sun. I’m also an avid moisturizer, especially when camping. I tend to always pack one to keep my skin hydrated and protected from the drying effects of the outdoors.

For me, taking care of my skin is about feeling good and staying healthy, but looking good is also a plus! By following good skincare habits and protecting my skin while adventuring, I’m able to maintain my well-being and confidence, on and off the trail.

Men With MOX | Kevin Fernandez

Pictured: Kevin At Waikiki Beach, Honolulu (Left) and Fiesta Island In San Diego, CA (Right)

MOX: What's one way in which you take care of your health?

Kevin Fernandez: As someone who loves traveling, fitness, and the outdoors, taking care of my health is a top priority. One way I do this is by incorporating regular exercise into my daily routine, whether it's hiking in national parks, going for a run in a new city, or hitting the gym. I’ve found that exercising boosts my mood and reduces stress, so it’s great in many aspects.

MOX: You quoted the great Jeff Spicoli on social media saying, “All I need are some tasty waves, a good buzz, and I’m fine.” What are three things that you need to feel the best version of yourself?

Kevin Fernandez: To start with, I’d say discipline to build good habits, which has helped me achieve some awesome goals in life. For example, I recently took part in a men’s physique bodybuilder competition. I placed first in my age group because I spent time limiting social events, working out twice a day, and maintaining a good diet.

The second is awareness. Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses is so important. Third is having a strong support system: AKA friends and family who are in your network and community that you can talk to when you need advice, encouragement, and/or different perspectives.

MOX: What advice would you give to other men who aspire to make a positive impact or just to show up better in their own lives?

Kevin Fernandez: My advice would be to cultivate a sense of purpose, passion, and resilience. Traveling and exploring the outdoors can be a great way to gain perspective and discover what truly matters to you. It can also help you develop the confidence and determination needed to make a positive difference in your own life and the world around you.

Oh, and don’t forget that even small actions can have a ripple effect, and by staying true to your values and beliefs, you can inspire others, ultimately creating a better future for all.

Men With MOX | Kevin Fernandez

Pictured: Kevin At Navajo Falls In Arizona (Left) and Lake Mead in Nevada (Right)

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