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Treat Your Cells!

Treat Your Cells! - MOX Skincare

Want healthier looking skin but don’t know how to make that happen? Our visible skin is a reflection of the cells below. This is why beautiful skin starts below the skin’s surface. Mox products are designed to penetrate through the dermal layer to the living cells, something not all skincare products can do. Mox is able to reach your cells through three different strategies.

  1. Mox products piggyback vitamins onto other ingredients similar to your skin in order to penetrate the skin’s barrier through a process called transdermal penetration. Our products then flood your skin cells with vitamins to help upregulate the cell so that it produces more of the good stuff like collagen.
  2. We use biogenic ingredients that are already found in the skin! By doing this, Mox products take advantage of the chemistry already happening in the skin by supporting your skin’s anti-aging systems.
  3. Mox formulates with premium, lipophilic ingredients. Our skin’s main job is to keep exterior water out and interior water in. Your skin acts like a raincoat and repels water-based skin care formulas and ingredients. Water-based skin care does an inferior job penetrating the skin’s barrier. So, Mox chooses fatty ingredients that can pass through your skin’s raincoat barrier. This system is more expensive to make, but it’s far more effective.

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