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Don’t Care About How Your Skin Looks? Your Partner Does

Don’t Care About How Your Skin Looks? Your Partner Does - MOX Skincare

My own skincare journey began with using Dial and then Lever2000 bar soap to clean my face and body. But I’ve come to understand that bar soap isn’t even really skincare. In fact, most soaps are rather harsh as they’re known to remove the skin’s natural moisture. They also aren’t designed to exfoliate the skin or offer it any nutritional benefit.

The same thing goes for body lotions. Most of them are inexpensive blends of water, wax, petroleum jelly, vegetable oil, and emulsifiers. Lotions disperse oil or wax over the surface of your skin. And while that may feel “hydrating,” you’re really just sensing the wax and/or oil sitting on the top layer of your skin.

A Little Info About the Top Layer of Your Skin

Want to know a fun fact? The top layer of your skin is dead! Yep. The skin has seven layers, and the top one is quite literally deceased. But, under the seven layers of your skin are the cells that create the skin itself.

So, if you’re considering embracing a more modern skincare routine, a smart approach is to think about taking care of the cells that make your skin, along with using good-quality, innovative products that work to moisturize the skin’s dead surface layer.

The Top Layer Of Your Skin Is Dead

Pictured: Layers of Your Skin | Source: WTAMU

Your Skin Has a Lot of Tasks to Carry Out

The Functions of Your SkinPictured: Primary Functions of Your Skin | Source: Electrolysis Beauty Lounge

From a biological standpoint, your skin is truly miraculous:

  1. It protects your body from bacteria and chemicals
  2. It helps regulate your temperature
  3. It protects you from UV light
  4. It protects your body from losing moisture

Your skin is also a sensory organ that detects touch! It’s honestly no wonder physicians consider it to be the body’s largest organ. This is exactly why we should care more about the health benefits of skincare products instead of unimportant dimensions like what a product smells like or feels like on the surface of the skin.

People Notice the Way Your Skin Looks

Did you know researchers have found that people judge you based on how your skin looks? In fact, according to several scientific studies, people make judgments about us in a matter of seconds based on the appearance and health of our skin.

One study came to the conclusion that partners prefer men with healthy skin, while another revealed that partners prefer men with an even skin tone. Both of these features were associated with youth and attractiveness."

Try Adding a MOX Skincare Routine Into Your Life

In my opinion, all men should adopt a daily skincare routine. My advice is to pick products that make your skin healthy from the inside out (TIP: This is very unlikely to be a product made primarily with water, wax, petroleum jelly or vegetable oil!)

Choose a nutrition-forward brand, like MOX, that floods the skin’s cells with vitamins, minerals, and oxygen. This approach allows the cells to produce more of the things men want like hydrated skin, strong collagen, an even skin tone, and an overall healthy look.

Peter Murane is a Denver-based father and CEO of MOX Skincare

MOX: Colorado Skincare


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