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Meet Francisco Anaya, the Family-Fueled Entrepreneur With a Sense of Style That’s Helped Him Navigate Life and the Societal Pressures of Masculinity

MOX represents more than just skincare. It's about embodying positivity and passion in all areas of your life, while also making a meaningful impact and staying true to yourself. The MOX attitude is strength and humility, a willingness to learn and grow in every aspect of life.

One of those Men With MOX is Francisco Anaya, an entrepreneur and content creator showcasing his elevated sense of style on Instagram and through his men’s leather shoe brand, Vagary Worldwide. For him, life is about allowing your loved ones to propel you forward.

To spotlight Men With MOX, we caught up with Francisco to chat about his shoe brand, life post-pandemic, how his fiancé keeps him grounded, why self-care matters, and the societal pressures of masculinity and mental health. Here's the inside story:

Francisco Anaya | Men With MOX

Pictured: Francisco Anaya

MOX: Can you tell us a little bit about your brand, Vagary Worldwide?

Francisco Anaya: My brand is called Vagary Worldwide. All of the shoes are designed by me and handmade at a small factory in Colombia! I started the brand in 2018 with my older brother. But back then, we only sold leather bags; it was a struggle to break into the market.

In 2020, I decided to try again, but this time, I wanted to create men’s leather sneakers for under $100, which was not being offered at the time. The whole manufacturing process was really smooth – mainly because I can speak Spanish, so communicating with them was easy.

Vagary Worldwide is a one-man show; I handle everything from marketing to sales to shipping. It’s truly been a grind, but every time I see an order come in, I get so stoked. I mean – someone is wearing my shoes. Fingers crossed that in 2024, we’re in stores!

Men With MOX | Vagary Worldwide

Pictured: Vagary Worldwide Sneakers

MOX: What got you into fashion?

Francisco Anaya: Style has always been important to me. I honestly think it’s because my mom and dad made sure to dress to the nines no matter where they went. From there, I grew into my own style. I will say that I did find myself liking different clothes compared to my peers, but I stayed confident and wore what made me happy.

When I was younger, I would watch music videos, movies, and athletes to keep up with fashion. I found myself picking and choosing what clothes I liked from their apparel. In high school, I mostly wore cardigans or bomber/letterman jackets and anything that made me stand out. I tried to stay away from the norm of Vans, jeans, and graphic tees.

MOX: Can you share a specific challenge you faced in your life, and how did you overcome it to emerge as a stronger, more resilient individual?

Francisco Anaya: This past year, I moved away from home (Los Angeles) with my fiancé, Sydney. This adventure was difficult because I had to resign from my job and move without a steady income. I ended up turning to content creation as a hobby.

Today, I’ve been self-employed for a year, and I’m so happy. While this whole ordeal was challenging for me, I learned some valuable lessons. For example, being in a new place led me to rely more on Sydney, which helped me move forward.

MOX: Who has been a role model or mentor in your life, and how has their guidance helped shape the person you are today?

Francisco Anaya: My dad has been a phenomenal role model: He’s a great man and leader. He taught me to always believe in myself, even when the odds are stacked against me. When I was young, he’d say that nothing could hold me down, and if something did – well – I was strong enough to get back up.

MOX: How do you define being a better man?

Francisco Anaya: Being a better man is about identifying areas that can be considered opportunities to improve. Then, working on them every single day. It’s so important to self-reflect and be honest with yourself.

Men With MOX | Francisco Anaya

Pictured: Francisco and His Fiancé, Sydney

MOX: As someone who pushes the boundaries of your own passion, what values or principles guide your actions and how do you work to instill these in others?

Francisco Anaya: Family has always been at the forefront of my core values and principles; all of my actions and achievements are for them. I know that the younger children in my family look up to me, so I always strive to be a leader and role model. Leading by example is key for me.

MOX: What role does your self-care, including skincare, play in your daily routine, and how has it impacted your well-being and confidence?

Francisco Anaya: Every morning and night, I use the MOX Invigorating Peppermint Cleanser and Multi Nutrient Serum; they really help me feel refreshed after hitting the gym and getting sweaty. And before bed? The system is a dream.

Before finding MOX, I never really had much to do with skincare; I would use any face wash I could get my hands on. Sometimes, my fiancé would choose the “best ones” for me, but I never really felt like they were mine. But with MOX, it’s almost like the products were made for me.

MOX: What's one way in which you take care of your health?

Francisco Anaya: You can find me at the gym Monday through Friday. I start by doing a one-hour session of strength training. Three times a week, I also add some cardio. I usually get cardio in by walking on the treadmill, going outside for a run, or playing basketball.

Being active has significantly impacted my life for the better. I believe that just being able to work out is a blessing, and I am so grateful for that. Plus, by going to the gym, I find myself less stressed, mainly because I’m doing my own thing!

MOX: You and your fiancé are a beautiful couple! How did you meet?

Francisco Anaya: My fiancé, Sydney, is a beautifully independent woman. She’s taught me how to be vulnerable while knowing that I can always lean on her for anything and everything. She can comfort me like no one else, and she’s not afraid to tell me the hard truth. Sydney is a phenomenal partner, and I’m so glad I have her to keep me grounded (and on my toes!).

We actually met while interning for the L.A. Clippers, which makes for a pretty neat story. I was still in college during this time, but she had graduated from Texas A&M before moving to Los Angeles for the internship. We worked together every week during that NBA season. After a year and two date denials, she finally agreed to go out with me!

Men With MOX | Francisco Anaya

Pictured: Francisco and His Fiancé, Sydney

MOX: What advice would you give to other men who aspire to make a positive impact or just to show up better in their own lives?

Francisco Anaya: Never stop moving forward and don’t be afraid to be emotional and vulnerable around those who matter. As men, this is something we often stray away from because talking about mental health is seen as a no-go. Forget about all of that. Talking about how we feel is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and those around us.

Men With MOX | Francisco Anaya

Pictured: Francisco 

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